Dear Teacher,

Lucky you! One of your students has brought in a KINNEBAR® to use in your classroom.  Below is the information you need to know about using a KINNEBAR in your class.

What is a KINNEBAR®?

KINNEBAR is a kinesthetic tool (also known as an assistive technology device) – a foot swing to help students who need extra movement throughout the day. Once installed, the KINNEBAR enables students to  either swing their feet on the metal bar or bounce on the rubber foot band. And don’t worry – it’s quiet!

KINNEBAR® can help your student:

  • Increase focus

  • Improve in-seat behavior

  • Improve time on task

  • Provide sensory input

How KINNEBAR® can help you as a teacher:

  • Less redirecting for students who typically need it

  • It provides sensory input quietly, so there is no distracting noise

  • Children love to use KINNEBAR because it is fun

How do I attach it the desk?

KINNEBAR comes with hook and loop straps and directions to show you exactly how to attach it to the legs of the desk. If you do not have those instructions, read below:

  • You should attach as many hook and loop straps as you can to the legs of the desk. Use 4 straps if you have 4 legs, use 2 straps if you have two legs, use 1 strap if you have one leg.

  • If you have less than four desk legs and have a linoleum tile floor it is best to use the five suction cups on the bottom to keep the KINNEBAR in place. Do not use the suction cups If you have a carpeted floor -- the black rubber strip will help to keep it in place.

  • If you need further instruction you can visit https://www.kinnebar.com/instructions to see a video or step-by-step instructions.

If you have further questions or want to share feedback, please email us at info@kinnebar.com. Our mission is to make school less challenging for children who struggle throughout the day, and we love to hear from teachers who share our goal.

We hope you and your student enjoy the KINNEBAR®!