Frequently Asked Questions

How much does KINNEBAR™ weigh?

KINNEBAR weights approximately 7.5 lbs.

Does KINNEBAR™ make noise?

No, KINNEBAR™ is designed to be quiet, so it does not disturb other people.

I have a four-legged desk, which size desk does the KINNEBAR™ 100 fit?

There are hundreds of desk manufacturers and we did our best to design a product that fits under most of them. We designed KINNEBAR with hook and loop straps to accommodate for a wider leg base on the school desks. If you have any problems with the fit, please don't hesitate to contact us.

My child sits at a table in school, which KINNEBAR™ should I purchase?

KINNEBAR™ 200. It has a longer leg base and works better under a school or kitchen table.

How long does it take to set up and install the KINNEBAR™?

It should take approximately 2-3 minutes, unless you need to change the height of the bar. 

Do I need tools to assemble the KINNEBAR™?

Yes, there are several simple steps and we supply an allen wrench for the two black screws in your KINNEBAR™ kit.

Can a child assemble the KINNEBAR™?

It is recommended that an adult initially assemble the KINNEBAR™.

NOTE: There are small screws that can be a choking hazard to a child under the age of 3, so a parent should always be present once the kit is opened.

What are the hook and loop straps for?

The hook and loop straps are to help secure the KINNEBAR™ to the work station.

KINNEBAR™ 100: If you purchased the KINNEBAR™ 100, then you MUST ATTACH ALL FOUR LEGS of the KINNEBAR™ to the four corresponding desk legs. The four straps are supplied in your kit.

KINNEBAR™ 200: If you purchased the KINNEBAR™ 200, you don't necessarily need the straps, but it is recommended to secure at least 1, if not 2, of the legs if possible with the 2 hook and loop straps provided in your kit.

Should I ask my child's teacher for approval before I buy a KINNEBAR™?

It's a good idea to make sure that your child's teacher will allow your child to use a KINNEBAR™ in the classroom. Here is a sample letter that you can copy and paste into an email.

Is the KINNEBAR™ adjustable?

Yes, the aluminum bar is! There are 4 different locations where you can place the aluminum bar. The most commonly used is located in the center. You can also adjust the length of the hook and loop straps to accommodate for the width of the legs of the desk.

Who should use a KINNEBAR™?

KINNEBAR™ is specifically designed for elementary aged children from Kindergarten through 5th grade, but will absolutely work for children outside of these grades. Perhaps you have a preschooler that needs the movement or a middle-schooler that could benefit as well. It is best if the KINNEBAR™ stays in the same work station in the same room throughout the day. It is not designed to go from classroom to classroom. It is great for adults too!

How should I clean my KINNEBAR™?

The KINNEBAR™ can be cleaned with a mild solution of soap and water. Let it air dry. Do not use any wipes or chemicals on the rubber band.

Does the KINNEBAR™ have a warranty?

Yes, your KINNEBAR™ comes with a limited warranty. The plastic base, the aluminum bar, and the hardware to support it have a 1-year limited warranty. It is designed to last for several years and we will replace your KINNEBAR™ if it breaks from normal wear and tear within 1 year.

The rubber band has a 3-month limited warranty.  If the band is cut or mistreated, replacement bands are available for purchase on our website for a nominal cost.

You will need to return your KINNEBAR™, or parts in question, for a full inspection.

Is KINNEBAR™ safe to use?

KINNEBAR™ was tested by a third-party testing facility that was approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Any product that is intended for children under the age of 12 must be tested for hazardous chemicals and mechanical hazards. We are proud to say KINNEBAR™ passed, and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.  When used in the matter it was intended, KINNEBAR™ is safe to use.

Is KINNEBAR™ made in the USA?

Yes, KINNEBAR™ is made and manufactured in United States of America.

How do I assemble a KINNEBAR™?

View installation instructions here.