Directions for KINNEBAR™ 100/200

Watch instructional video here:



K200 directions step1.jpg

1.  Open both KINNEBAR™ Scissor Legs by using the two Scissor Handles (oval shaped holes) to avoid pinching.


2.  Each KINNEBAR™ logo on the Scissor Legs should face outward when assembling the swing.

K200 directions step2.jpg

3.  Place the metal bar in the center hole of each Scissor Leg. Make sure the bar goes through the two holes on EACH Scissor Leg.

K200 directions step4.jpg

4.  Place the straight crossbar securely on the bottom of the unit by pushing it upwards in the notches on the bottom of each leg. You may need to use some force.

Kinnebar 100 directions step #5.jpg

5.  Place the curved crossbar securely across the top portion of the Scissor Legs. Use force to push the crossbar in place. The crossbars are designed to fit tightly.

K100 directions step 6.jpg

6.   Place the black, threaded screws on either end of the top curved crossbar into the pre-drilled holes. Then tighten them with the allen wrench provided in your kit until the screw is flush with plastic. Now your KINNEBAR™ should be very stable.

K200 directions step7.jpg

7.   Push the rubber loop through the hole of the horseshoe, and stretch the loop over the mushroom shaped piece. Then pull the rubber foot band, and repeat on the other side. There is no need to adjust or tighten the loops, they are made to fit just right.

K100 directions step 8.jpg

8.   KINNEBAR™ 100:

Place the KINNEBAR™ 100 under a desk and align the strap notches of the KINNEBAR™ leg with the legs of the desk. Attach the hook and loop straps to each leg.  Loosely secure all four legs, and then go back and tighten all four straps one more time as tightly as possible.




While the KINNEBAR™ 200 is designed to stand alone, two straps have been provided.  We recommend you anchor the KINNEBAR™ 200 with at least one strap to the legs of a table whenever possible.

Suction on bottom of blue K100.jpg


Suction cups – You should be using the enclosed suction cups if  1)you are using KINNEBAR™ 100 under a table and only have one leg to attach the hook and loop strap, 2) you have linoleum tile or laminate-type flooring or 3) you are using a KINNEBAR™ 200 and have a very slick floor.



NOTE: Do not remove the black strap, each KINNEBAR™ is pre-drilled - screw the suction cup into the 5 holes on the bottom. 2 in the Scissor legs and 3 in the flat crossbar.



Now your child is ready to enjoy his/her KINNEBAR™! Children can either use the foot swing or the rubber foot band.



NOTE: You can adjust the placement of the metal bar by using the alternate holes in the Scissor Legs. It is best to do this when you are at the final work station. Chair heights may vary.


If you have any questions about our product, please contact us and we'll be happy to get back to you with in 24-48 hours.   Download printable copy here.