KINNEBAR® Foot Swing allows your legs to move and keeps your upper body stable so you are ready to work.

No more wobbling or falling while trying to focus.

The Only Flexible Seating Solution offering multiple ways for movement and sensory input

The KINNEBAR Foot Swing is ideal for ALL kids, teens or adults who have difficulty focusing or sitting still for long periods, especially those who are neurodivergent and may have ADHD, Autism or Sensory Needs.



  • For kids at school
  • Perfect for a four-legged school desk
  • Use this if you have limited floor space or smaller tables


  • For kids at home or school
  • Great for larger tables at school or dining tables at home
  • Free-standing and easy to move around



  • For adults working from home or in an office
  • For college students in a dorm or teenagers at home


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Parents + Kids

  • Help your child stay seated and focused longer
  • Great solution to help release excess energy or redirect energy related to behavioral issues

Teachers + Special Education

  • Help students who seek movement and sensory input
  • Increase attention spans, in-seat behavior and time spent on tasks
  • Less redirecting students

Occupational + Speech Therapists

  • Get organized, calm and connected.
  • Additional support for self-regulation and improve proprioception during therapy
  • Provide sensory input during seated tasks


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the best tool to help with ADHD and Autism?

There are several active seating solutions on the market, but only the KINNEBAR offers multiple ways for movement and sensory input with a metal swing and a rubber sensory band.

Movement can enhance focus and cognitive function allowing you to concentrate better on tasks at hand.

Does the KINNEBAR Foot Swing help with sensory issues?

Yes, it can help with sensory needs. The swinging bar and the sensory band can provide much needed sensory input.

Do teachers allow the KINNEBAR Foot Swing in their classrooms?

Yes, most teachers have incorporated some kind of active seating or flexible seating solutions for their students. Teachers love these types of tools that can help a student stay on task and focus longer. Bring it on!

Can this desk swing help my child focus and pay attention longer?

Movement and sensory input is very helpful for children who have the "urge" to wiggle or who tend to get distracted easily. Kinesthetic learners can really thrive with a tool like KINNEBAR.

Is this the best flexible seating for my child?

The KINNEBAR is unique because it offers more than 1 way for a child to have movement or receive sensory input. We tried SO many products before we created the KINNEBAR, everything else made our child's body bounce or wobble too much and it became a huge distraction.

If you don't think it helps, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I use a KINNEBAR Foot Swing in my occupational and speech therapy sessions?

Yes, KINNEBAR is quite helpful when it's time to do seated tasks during therapy sessions.

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