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Sit still?!

Children who have a hard time sitting still - either during the school day or at home - are often misunderstood.

They may look like they are not listening or behaving, but what's going on beneath the surface is far more complex.

Some kids have a genuine need to move more than they are allowed to and this results in restlessness, fidgeting, and difficulty listening or focusing.

What if there was a simple way to help?


Introducing KINNEBAR®

KINNEBAR® is a portable, lightweight, fully adjustable kinesthetic tool - a foot swing that fits neatly, easily, and securely under a child's desk or table. KINNEBAR® is simple to assemble, and is silent when being used. And, KINNEBAR® is durable! We construct our product with the same long-lasting materials used to build playgrounds. Our two models fit a wide range of desks and work stations. 


How does KINNEBAR® work?


Watch here.


Easy to assemble


Is KINNEBAR® for my child?

KINNEBAR® is ideal for:


Don't just take our word for it...

We tested this product for over a year in classrooms and we received AMAZING feedback from the students, teachers, and parents.

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KINNEBAR is not just for kids

Adults can benefit from movement if you find yourself seated for long periods throughout the day.