How Does a KINNEBAR Foot Swing Work?

Some children have a genuine need for movement

Self-regulation through movement

Swinging your feet, also known as leg fidgeting, can definitely help with self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to manage and control one's own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to adapt to various situations and effectively respond to challenges such as sitting or focusing for long periods. Sound familiar? Not everyone has the ability to self-regulate. Having a KINNEBAR encourages and increases the amount of swinging.

Helps children stay focused, calm, and alert.

Swinging can release energy and provide sensory input. It can improve focus and attention by increasing arousal levels and enhancing sensory input. The rhythmic movement can help individuals maintain alertness and sustain attention on a specific task or activity. This can be especially helpful for individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other attention difficulties.

Some children SEEK pressure

Ever notice your child leaning on you in the grocery store when you are standing in line? Guess what they need? Pressure…or in other words sensory input. This is why we added a sensory band to the KINNEBAR, some children need more feedback and others simply get bored, so having multiple ways to keep chugging along was important to us and our children.