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"KINNEBAR has helped my students remain focused, stay seated, and attend to lessons."
~ Christine P. 2nd grade teacher

The only flexible seating solution offering multiple ways for movement and sensory input for students with different learning abilities

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Who should use a KINNEBAR

Children who struggle with focus and/or learning differences in general, self-contained, intensive or inclusive classrooms. KINNEBAR Foot Swing can help all children who need movement, particularly those who are neurodivergent.

When to use a KINNEBAR

Seated activities can be challenging for students who seek sensory input while they learn. If a student is easily distracted or stimming, a teacher can offer a KINNEBAR Foot Swing and provide multiple ways for movement and input.

How does it work

The KINNEBAR Foot Swing immobilizes the upper body, everything from the waist up is still and calm. While using tablets, manipulatives, drawing, and handwriting, it provides movement and sensory input to aid with self-regulation.

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Yes, we are ready when you are! Click here to start the purchase order process so we can get your students moving safely.

Can't I just use a cheaper exercise band?

As parents, this was one of the first products we tried. Our son loved to "snap" the band and it created more distraction for him and his classmates. We realized since it was attached to the legs of a hollow aluminum desk, this caused a lot of the noise. The KINNEBAR sensory band is attached to a solid plastic leg and is designed to generate less noise. Plus, we have a foot swing!

Can I pay with a credit card?

If your school or district does not require a purchase order, you may use a credit card.

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