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The KINNEBAR 200 Foot Swing is designed to be FREE STANDING. It is well suited for use at home under a kitchen table or can also be used in schools when you have larger tables and no space restrictions. Many special education teachers choose this model so they can quickly move it to different workstations.

KINNEBAR can help with:

  • focus
  • in-seat behavior
  • self-regulation
  • improving time on task 
  • sensory input

        Works with these desk styles:

        General Information

        Key Benefits

        The KINNEBAR® 200 is great for all ages - it creates movement and sensory input when children find it challenging to stay seated and focused for long periods of time. And best of all, it doesn't make them wobble or fall on the floor.

        Whether your child is just fidgety or neurodivergent - it may be time to consider a new tool.

        Kit and Assembly


        KINNEBAR® 200 Kit Includes:

        •  1 KINNEBAR base
        •  1 aluminum swing
        •  1 rubber foot band
        •  2 hook and loop straps
        •  Directions
        •  All hardware and allen wrench

        It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to build your KINNEBAR.

        Click here for instructions.

        Materials and Dimensions


        • Base: Made from HDPE. The same material that is used to construct playground equipment
        • Bar: Aircraft-grade aluminum
        • Rubber band: Latex Rubber

        7.5 pounds

        3.40194 kilograms

        18 3/4" w x 16" h x 26 1/4" d

        47.625 w x 40.64 h x 66.675 d

        Made in the U.S.A.

        How is the KINNEBAR® adjustable?

        Yes! There are 4 different locations where you can place the aluminum bar, the most commonly used is located in the center. Tip: The upper leg should be as level as possible for maximum comfort.

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        KINNEBAR® is ideal for kids who have:

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Collin T.
        Amazing but with limitations...

        If you can keep your child facing it, our son is able to get his work done, and focus like nothing we've ever seen!

        If he turns away, all of it falls apart like normal. Everything reverts back to "I can't do it. I need help." But with it and utilizing it none of those things come out.... he's able to focus, and diligently work to finish his school work with out asking for help, it's like all of the knowledge his brain contains is actually able to flow...

        Simply put, if he uses it, he's accessing his full potential when it comes to school work, art projects, building with play-doh, Legos, etc etc... but without it... getting him to focus and work is like trying to pull teeth, without novicaine...

        Thanks for sharing your son's experience, we are happy to hear that it helps him stay on track when he uses it. Also, glad to see you are using it for other fun things than schoolwork, that's awesome!

        Marilyn James
        Love it!

        Kinnebar is a great idea for keeping a child busy while studying at the same time.

        Hi Marilyn,

        We are so glad to hear your KINNEBAR was a success for your family! Thank you for your feedback.


        Seeing such a difference in my daughter while we homeschool

        Amy J.
        Buy it!

        I got a Kinnebar for distance learning and it is legit!! It's like some kind of black magic! My son also sat still during dinner for the first time in years. We have tried other alternative seating solutions and this is the first thing that worked!"

        Bonnie J.
        Great Results!

        My son has Aspergers and ADHD and it has been such a challenge getting him to sit on his bum for dinner or to do school work. We have been astounded at the difference that the Kinnebar has made - the first time he tried it he immediately started swinging his feet and a sense of calm came over his face. For the first time ever we feel like we're able to have dinner as a family, without him falling off his chair or wandering off, and schoolwork has become much easier as well. Thank you for developing this incredible product, we are so so grateful!!"

        Our personal guarantee!

        We are so confident in the results of the KINNEBAR® that we give a 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase that is shipped in the contiguous U.S. If you are not happy with the performance of the KINNEBAR® you can send it back within 30 days and get a REFUND-less shipping costs!

        The KINNEBAR® was built to help people who need it and if it doesn’t, then we believe you deserve your MONEY BACK!

        (Return shipping is paid by the customer)