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KINNEBAR is making news near and far because it is truly helping parents, teachers and therapists with children who have a difficult time sitting still and focusing. With so much success, KINNEBAR is now available for adults who seek movement as well.


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News12 The Bronx

NEW YORK - A native New York mother has created a device to help children focus when completing school work.

Jodi Whalen says she came up with the idea for the 'Kinnebar' after watching her son when he was working on his homework.

The 'Kinnebar' works as a foot swing which is placed under a child's desk or work area and is silent when being used.


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WCNC NBC Charlotte

CHARLOTTE - Local moms become inventors with products that came from a need to help their own families.

Jodi Whalen, mother and creator of the product KINNEBAR said she had an “A-Ha moment” when watching her son working on his homework one day. Click below to see the back story on how it was created.


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Building Blocks Magazine

NEW YORK - Do you have a child who is restless, fidgety, anxious, or has difficulty focusing?  Does your child need to move in order to help him pay attention in class, or while doing homework?  Now your child can focus more easily, find an outlet for his restlessness, decrease his fidgety behavior and his anxiety.


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If you don't want to replace your desk chair but still seek an active seating alternative for yourself or your child the KINNEBAR is the perfect solution…


”KINNEBAR is a portable and adjustable foot swing that fits under a child’s workstation. It allows children to move in their seat and improves in seat behavior as well as improve time on task. It is wonderful for all children, especially children with ADHD, Autism, SPD and Asperger’s.”

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